Being The Change

I’ve apparently made it my defacto purpose in life to spread Mary Sunshine.  I’m not sure how it happened, and it has started to make me the butt of jokes with some people I know, but it is what it is.

It started small.

I started out posting facts about epilepsy.  I started this because I realized how much no information there was, and how much misinformation there was… and is… surrounding epilepsy.   And because my little girl started having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy.  It turned out to be the first official flag I started waving.

Then I started out just posting blue mountain cards on facebook… you know… they have the “this day in history” kind of cards and I started out just posting those when I remembered.  I have a blue mountain account and I’m NOT afraid to use it… apparently… so I used it. Little steps… but it apparently made people smile.

Then I started seeing poetry (sometimes in English, some times in French… some times in Portuguese… ) and motivational pictures or funny pictures.  Mostly these talk to me in some way, so I started to save them off to my computer and made them into a screen saver (just tinkering with the photo show screen saver that comes with Windows).  Then I figured that if they talked to me, maybe other people would like them too… people who didn’t find them on their own… so I started to just “share” them from the people who had posted them.

I have a thing about copyrighted material, and if I share them, the people who posted them get to keep “credit”…

and people started to really like them.  They started to “like” my links/reposts.  Sometimes they have commented on the fact that they like them.

I guess in my own little way, I’m being part of the change I would love to see in the world.  I’m bring just a little smile to people all over the world.  I’m bring a little sunshine into some people’s days that might not have that sunshine otherwise.

Mostly, people still like the things I post from games giving things away (which sometimes is rather demoralizing for me… it seems to be a lot about what people can get off of other people rather than how they can help other people) but I’m starting to get the idea that I can do this and that I can make a difference in the world… one person, one smile at a time…

Happy Sunday…



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