Listening To The Rain

Was up a lot last night.  A couple storms blew through and it got way loud and lots of lightning.  Poor dog is never rattled by storms and this one rattled her.  Now, five hours later, the rain has quieted to just an easy slow rain on the window.

I’m all curled up in a blanket and enjoying the rare sound.  It has been so infrequent that we have had rain this past year that despite the achies that this rain seems to have brought with it, I’m loving the sound.  I even hope that, eventually, we might get grass back rather than gray-brown stubble and a few intrepid weeds.  So far we have left the weeds because at least they are green and soft.

Hands are complaining this morning.  I know it is from the rain, and from the extra typing yesterday.  Ah well, it is what it is and it will be what it will be.  I will toss in my jar of Tiger Balm and my fingerless gloves when I head out to Jury Duty this morning. My commute this morning is ten miles north rather than thirty miles south.  It will be a short one and I get to see what Jury Duty here is like.  I’ not sure what the deal is, I looked at the county web site and it said the next jury trial is January 24.  I guess today is part of picking a jury for one of the upcoming trials?   I have my iPad all charged up so I can take notes on my fellow captives and so I can read.

I have a neat sore spot in the middle of the top of my left foot.  Not sure what it is but it has been there for a few days.  I’m trusting that I will make my rheumy appointment on Wednesday to find out.  I have a place just at my ankle of my right foot that feels like I could crack it if I tried really hard.  Except that I tried really hard a couple times and it brought tears to my eyes, it hurt so bad.  Yeah.  Pretty sure I will try to let it work itself out.

I keep thinking I need to haul my butt out of my nice warm bed and head to the kitchen to fetch coffee.  I get to take it a bit on the easy side this morning, I don’t have to be to the court house till EIGHT THIRTY!!!   I really should find something suitable to wear, though.  Not sure what one wears to Jury Duty today… should I wear my Mickey Ears?  Or… my unicorn head?  … ah… maybe jeans and a sweater (I am always chilly) and grab my hoody…

Happy Monday all.


3 responses to “Listening To The Rain

  1. Wishing you a quick jury selection. Hope you don’t have to wait around for the 8 hours.


  2. Warrior Poet Wisdom

    One part of this post jumped out at me more than anything else; hauling yourself out of bed to get to a coffee. When you will yourself out of bed, even in the face of chronic pain, and don’t need shortcuts like coffee, pills, or any other foreign substances to aid you, that’s true power. What’s inside of you is enough, but it takes so much more time and patience to cultivate and master, most just go with the coffee.
    Peace & grace,


    • Very true.
      On the ironic side? I made yesterday’s coffee this morning! I did drink a little cold dead coffee that I still had from the weekend. 😉 Making coffee is actually a treat that I don’t always engage in… Yesterday was an awfully lazy (but highly productive!) morning, and even when you have what is necessary inside, there are days when it just feels really good to go with the coffee. THIS morning… I was up and online at work at 4:30… git-er-done!
      Yesterday was a very enlightening day… on the “up” side… I had never realized just how many people will use ANY excuse as a means to get out of jury duty, even conning a doctor into writing them a ‘get out of jury duty free forever’ excuse because they are afraid it might inconvenience them or it might mean that they have to take time out of their busy (good poem incidentally… really awesome!) schedule to do something for other people.
      I’m starting to really get it… sometimes it takes a while, but eventually things sink in and you start to really listen to what is inside rather than what is outside…


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