No Really, You Work Here Too

Okay… suffice it to say that I’m tired of being on pager duty, I’m tired of being dumped on, I’m tired of being overlooked and in case the thread of this whole tirade isn’t clear enough… I’m tire.  BUT, I’m here.  I pretend to paste on a Mary Sunshine smile and I’m here.  I know we are all in this at least somewhat together.

This morning I got coffee.  I didn’t know when I got it from the caraffe that it was the last in that one.  It was.  I was going to make another.

Grumpy little coder came in… no coffee in the left one (no matter HOW many times you pump the lid… no matter HOW slowly you try to milk that cow… she’s dry…) after fifty really slow pushes on the shiny silver top he tries the right one… equally as empty… damn… that was the one I was using… oh well… if I can get AROUND you I will make coffee…

Since you are OBVIOUSLY not going to make coffee…

Push… swish spit… push… squish spit… over and over and over…

It wouldn’t irritate me nearly as much if, since you aren’t going to make coffee, you would get out of the way and NOT look at me like “bitch make some coffee”.  I know you are male, I know you are a CODER which makes you elite.  But dang…

We all live here.  You are quite capable of pulling out a filter, dumping out the grounds form the last pot, and filling the filter with shiny new coffee.  YOU are one of the elite.  YOU are a CODER, you should be talented enough to make a freaking pot of coffee… or at least get your narrow butt out of the WAY so I can.



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