How Do You Deal With The Well Meaning Advice?

You know you get it. The advice about how you should be dealing with what is going on in your body. Cut out red meat, fish, all meat, fat, sugar, carbs, gluten…. Take spoon fulls of cod liver oil… take spoon fulls of <insert snake oil of the week here>… etc.

How do you deal with it? I’m grappling with how I think I should deal with it.
I mean, if I were to TRY to take everyone’s advice… I would be out in the field grazing with Bessie. There are carbs in carrots and apples and oranges and blueberries (probably in the grass Bessie eats, too… I can’t seem to find the nutritional information on that… ). Gluten free? I don’t have enough money to completely outfit my house with “Gluten Free” pans and everyone else’s pans and never the two shall ever touch the same dirty dish water and then spend a small fortune on totally gluten free food, especially after I already spent the umpteen hundred dollars getting tested for gluten sensitivity.
I’m trying. I’m really trying.
I drink my tea without any sugar or any sweetener (at least 97% of the time… sometimes a tall glass of sweet tea is just way better than anything else). I drink quarts of water. I don’t walk as much right now as I should, but what set me off on this tangent is the fact that my hip is hurting a LOT lately and the NSAIDs are taking the edge off, but if I stop them, the pain is back… I hurt… and I have this way for the last 2 months or so.
I already feel like a freak. I get caught washing my hands in the bathroom humming happy birthday (TECHNICALLY, I’m supposed to wash my hands for 2 complete “Happy Birthday To You” songs… with hot water and soap… even when there is no hot water only whatever temperature they have the motion senstive faucet set to). I try to not touch door knobs and elevator buttons. You think I don’t get really unconfortable stares for that? And using a paper towel to touch the buttons and handles on the communal coffee pots/makers at work? EEESH. If grazing with Bessie would make me NOT have to deal with stuff like that, you think I would still be spending $3000 a month for the 6 tummy shots I take a month plus the pain pills and the other meds that I take every day.
I know they mean well. I know that whatever they are trying to suggest has helped other people with things, maybe even with this thing (whatever this thing is)…
I tend to just smile and take it for the help that I know it is meant to be… but there are days… there are really really days… when I want to be my snarky self and say something like… well… like this…


2 responses to “How Do You Deal With The Well Meaning Advice?

  1. I guess advice is only ever welcome when it has first been sought 🙂


  2. alicorndreams

    🙂 Not really. But… if someone is going to tell me that they had tendonitis once time and they took advil and maybe that would cure my RA… not so much… or maybe Vicks worked for a chest cold and maybe that would help my dislocated knee…


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