The Smoking Zoo

So… we moved (TEMPORARILY, I’ve been assured… but I’m not taking any bets on how temporary) to new office space (while they are renovating our old digs).

My commute is shorter (so yay) but getting back ON the interstate to get home is a zoo at the on/off ramp that is right by the office.  I’m pretty sure I’m going south to go north today… the extra 2 miles in gas will be worth it to not have to fight three lanes of idiots to get ON the highway… there is some kind of equation to compute the likelihood of getting squished by idiots, I know there has to be.
One of the most interesting things about the new location is the porch.  There are nice picnic tables and a roof to keep the sun off 99% of the day… and iron bars on the outside side of it… we are HIGHLY security conscious where I work… lots of customer data… but it has an interesting side effect.  This nice little break room extension has turned into the smoking zoo.

The smokers (most of them seem to be the customer service people) go out there… some of them sit on the benches of the picnic tables… some prowl back and forth either against the building wall (where it is always shady) or along the bars of the cage (where it is more often a little sunny until late afternoon)… back and forth… back and forth… kind of like a caged animal (go figure)… it is interesting to just kind of observe from a slightly warped perspective.  I’ve thought about posting a “don’t feed the animals” or “dangerous” sign on the outside of the bars… and see how long it takes someone to notice…

I want desperately to go sit out there and write during lunch… but I know I will be frowned on by the smokers for taking up their valuable real estate…
I’m trying to find the bright side of the new digs… because I’m convinced we will never move back or if we do it won’t be for a long time… but when you are equipped with a brain that doesn’t quite work the way other people’s brains work… it can be a little on the difficult side… go figure… There is definitely entertainment value to the new place… but… maybe only if you view life diagonally…


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