Mall Walking

Okay… so… I’m trying despirately to make the most of the new office space location.  I can’t make much of my 3′ x 3′ desk that has to house my PC tower, two montiors, phone, mouse and keyboard and coffee cup…. Hell, I am LUCKY if I can put a steno pad on the freaking desk too… although I did manage to put up my electronic picture frame so I can at least annoy my boss a little!!!

Poking fun at the smoking zoo, earlier this morning was kind of fun…

At lunch time I braved the 90 degree heat with 80% humidity to venture over to the nearly defunct mall next door.  Mall Walking in a nearly deserted mall is great!!!   There were a few shoppers, a few workers holding down the walls, and several people in the food court… there are some interesting quirky stores (even a Hot Topic) left in the mall… even if there are LITERALLY no anchor stores.

The water features are still working, the AC is working, several other people were wandering aimlessly around… a couple actually power walking.

It isn’t my favorite mall (NO Disney store… eeesh) but it will make for a nice place to walk in the heat… if it doesn’t kill me walking the two blocks distance from the office door to the mall doors.

Am I being too mary sunshine here?


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