The Eve of Distruction

Well, technically, the eve of the spring semester for the kids at college, but you know… it all kind of seems like the same thing.

Mondays and Wednesdays are going to be an adventure.  Two different campuses, with work about 33% of the way between the two campuses.  Drop Squirrel Girl at campus 1 at 7, Drop Skinny Butt at the bus stop a mile or so from work, work, make sure Adam gets to the bus stop by 4, hopefully leave work at 4 (pager week this week… I REALLY hope I don’t run late) pick him up on the way up to pick her up then home.

Neither of them is going to have a great Monday/Wednesday either.  He has absolutely no time between classes.  She has ten minutes down time between 8 am and 4:30 pm.  She is going to have to carry her book back pack as well as her camera bag backpack.  It’s going to be a long semester.  BUT I think it is going to be kind of an exciting semester!  I’m looking forward to what the semester brings.  Wonderful new pictures, boosted self confidence for them both.  I think it will be a good spring.

Something tells me that supper time twice a week is going to be kind of late and very  “inhale everything that isn’t nailed down”.


2 responses to “The Eve of Distruction

  1. One word … Casserole! Now that my kid is off in college I frequently find myself with leftovers. Some things freeze well and I often will take that large try of lasagna or enchilada, cut it in half, and pop some in the freezer for one of those “just don’t feel like cooking” days. Just remember to double wrap the food well to make it as airtight as possible, and mark it with the content and date you freeze it. Nobody wants to eat that 2 year old mystery brick floating around the freezer! Soups also freeze very well.


    • I think I’m going to have to start making up batches of things like this. It’s just easier in the end. And I love making soup. But when I make soup, I make TONS of soup and sometimes after four or five days everyone is tired of soup


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