So, Sunday I finished the half marathon again.  It wasn’t easy.  It hurt.  And my time was way off.  And I realized since then that there is a good reason for that.

I am now just as bad as I was the day I was diagnosed (maybe a little worse).

All of my toes, my ankles and one knee are involved.  The Rheumy said that she would buy into the fact that it was post half marathon swelly squishiness but I only ran on my feet, and my fingers (all joints) and wrists and elbows and shoulders all seem to be involved now, too… and I didn’t run on my hands.

She was going to keep me on what I was on before and add in Plaquinil… but that will really only help if you have a couple of joints that are being difficult, not if you have back-slid to way where you were before.

So, I’m going to be starting (if the insurance approves it) infusions of Orencia in the next couple weeks.  IV drips for 30 minutes every 2 weeks for a month or so then once a month.

I knew my hands have been hurting a lot.  I’ve been toughing it out a lot.  Using a lot of Tiger Balm (like it is hand cream) and taking a few more Aleve than is probably prudent.  I guess there is a good reason.  There is a good chance that my hysterectomy changed my body chemistry enough that the Humir a just gave up and now I have to work through whatever it is that is pissing my body off.

The adventure continues.

I did finish though and I did get the bling.  I’m scared I will never get to do Disney now… and I have to do Disney at least once.


2 responses to “Backsliding

  1. Congrats on fulfilling your dreams! I too have made some choices about what activities are important to me to continue, and what to let go. I did not have RA symptoms until onset of pre-menopausal symptoms. Coincidence? I think not. Body chemistry is a tricky thing!


  2. Don’t worry, this is just a small detour on the road to Disney. Good luck with the new treatment and stay tough!


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