Humans of New York

Okay, so I come to some things very slowly, but I usually get there.

There, this time, is an awesome photography blog.  Humans of New York

It’s wonderful!  And it has started me thinking (always a dangerous thing) about how I can touch more of the world.

I scrolled down SEVERAL months worth of posts and found one where he was approached to sell several pictures to DKNY and he refused.  Someone saw that they used them anyway in Asia market.  Not cool.  They met him 25% of the way to what he asked them to do in reparation.

DKNY needs to remember that copyright infringement, even if it is “only in Asia” is still copyright infringement.  They should have done what he asked without having to be cajoled.


2 responses to “Humans of New York

  1. Agree it is copyright infringement – regardless of where the photos were used. He should have no problem proving ownership of photos and the fact he turned them down. That, to me, does not equate to a 25% pay off. As a photographer, always have a good intellectual property attorney.


    • alicorndreams

      It’s funny… the people most angry when it happens to them are often the ones most apt to accidentally (isn’t that plagiarism in school?) take advantage of someone else. I know they acknowledged that it was really just an accident, but still… that is enough to get a kid expelled from college and they are a multinational corporation… just saying.


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