Random chance meetings

It’s my orencia infusion day. I got up early fed the fur babies and started my day. I’m a little extra on the achy side this morning because of the rain. I stopped Nd urged on a breakfast taco and jasmine dragon oolong tea and still made it plenty early for my appointment.
I stopped and took a couple wet roses pictures, and made a pit stop in the bathroom on my way to Dr Booth’s office.
Let me digress a little here… I love the sound of bells and wind chimes. So much so that I have a decent sized brass bell hooked to the handle of my back pack. I jingle when I walk.
When I came out of the stall there was a twenty something, dressed in pink and white, drying her hands. She had what will always be to me “Dutchy” glasses… Very thick bifocals… And a white cane.
She was kind of reluctant to talk but she had to know if i was the one with the bells. She has a friend at school who wears bells. She loves them too and her nick name is tinker bell. She asked where I got my bells.
We had a wonderful ten minute conversation in the bathroom. It was wonderful. She said my bells made her smile.
There are small pockets of the day that just make me stop and think about things … Like making total strangers smile


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