GOOD Sunday morning!

I found my pacing strategy for the race. Given that I’m walking the race, I will be shooting, in training at least, for 170 – 180 bpm. I may not get quite there, but that is my goal. I found that as my goal in the page where this pace chart is.


LEVEL 1: VERY INACTIVE: 80-100 steps per minute = 2 mph (30 minute mile)
LEVEL 2: LIGHTLY ACTIVE: 120 steps per minute = 3 mph (20 minute mile)
LEVEL 3: MODERATELY ACTIVE: 130 steps per minute = 3.5 mph (17-18 minute mile)
LEVEL 4: ACTIVE: 140 steps per minute = 4 mph (15 minute mile)
LEVEL 5: VERY ACTIVE: 150 steps per minute = 4.3 mph (14 minute mile)
LEVEL 6: EXCEPTIONALLY ACTIVE: 160 steps per minute = 4.6 mph (13 minute mile)
LEVEL 7: ATHLETE: 170 steps per minute = 5 mph (12 minute mile)
LEVEL 8: ATHLETE: 180 steps per minute = 5.5 mph (11 minute mile)
LEVEL 9: ATHLETE: 190 steps per minute = 6.0 mph (9-10 minute mile) 


Then I went to my favorite training music place and downloaded a few training mixes to start at the gym. Distance, I will use my Disney mix. But getting my speed up, I will use the intervals that I’ve relied on before.  Podrunner really does rock and has seen me through trying to get healthy before.  It won’t fail me!

I snagged the first three “slow” mixes this morning. 125 bpm – 130 bpm for my first week… maybe my first two weeks… at the gym.

Research and reading and a pager week weekend of thinking has me waffling between ” I must be crazy. I’m too heavy. I am not sure I won’t be flaring. There are too many what if’s” and ” Hell yes, I can do this”. I am leaning to the Hell yes.


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