Looking Forward to Training and Finally Feeling Human

I’m finally starting to feel human. It’s been a long couple weeks. My infection is gone and the incision to drain same is healing. My “the cat came back from the kennel” allergy attack is a not so fond memory. My fungal infection is clearing up. And… I’m sleeping again.

Feeling human is good.

I’m enjoying a quiet cup of coffee… my gym bag is packed for Gold’s (tomorrow? Monday? Not sure). I bought a lock… and have planned my purple outfit (figment purple) for the race. I have my hat all ready to go. Am I too excited given it is about 136 days away? Probably. But… this time I have a real goal and I know I can do it. I have to. It matters.

I got my bag of trading pins today. I rooted through them and found a ladybug pin with Mickey Mouse head spots. There were other wicked cool ones. Figment ones. Duffy ones. But… since I’m bug lady and since ladybugs are a “thing” with me… this seemed to be a positive omen. I’m going to put it on my RunDisney lanyard (thank you Ebay) that should be here in a few days and use it as a motivational tool.

I keep trying to hunt things like… blogs… and stuff about people who have done the race and people who have trained for the race. I can’t find anything that really speaks to me yet. But I keep trying. I keep thinking that if I can do this (especially with RA) other people surely should too.

SO… here’s to the end of a busy Saturday… lemon water and quiet… and a song in my heart!


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