Taking Inventory

Sitting here, cold coffee (not iced, just cold) by my side, wishing the pumpkin creamer was thawing faster. I’m running through the joints in my body, taking node of what feels how. The smell of Tiger Balm hangs in the air like a warm hug.

I think about what Dr Booth said to me at my infusion appointment. My knuckles (thumb, index and middle finger on both hands) ache. I know the ache is there. It’s not that I don’t feel it. It is that I chose to not let it interfere with my day any more than it has to. I’ve been up for two hours, they have felt like this for two hours… I guess that qualifies for more than an hour. My right ankle and a couple of toes on my right foot feel funky. Every once in a while my ankle hurts. I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m not sure I’m willing to let it stop me or my training. I’m hoping the nine miles I’m planning on putting in starting in about an hour won’t be too much too fast. I don’t think it will be.

It’s been thre days since my infusion. I’m hoping that over the next couple days the achies stop again. I’m planning on them stopping. If they don’t, I know that Dr Booth will change my meds and I will start all over again. I’m certainly not looking forward to that. We are too close to January to really be starting over again… given that we won’t even think about starting over again until at least 6 weeks after my October infusion. NOT something I really want to think about. I’m thinking that I might suck up to my PCP to get another week’s worth of Prednisone to squirrel away… just in case. I don’t want to take it. I don’t want to consider that I might want to have it with me just in case. But I’m realist enough to know that I might need a few days of it around the half marathon… especially as it comes at the tail end of a ten day vacation at Disney World.

Yesterday’s workout waas amazing. I got to the point where I was “running” (taking the track of ChiMarathon and leaning forward, landing bent knee and mid foot, not letting my feet pass my hips on the forward swing… not quite to the ideal 80 bpm jog at that point… but it’s still 18 weeks away… I have time). I felt incredible about myself when I walked into the locker room. My hair was dripping sweat but my Yubuds handled the sweat like a champ. They are comfortable and the sound is good… and they didn’t cost a small fortune so I’m not going to beat myself up if they break like the stupid water proof ones I bought a couple months ago. Those ones are just reject headsets… I can’t believe I spent that much on headsets that I now have to turn the volume up the WHOLE way on my iPod to just hear the music. That is SO not going to be helpful come January.

The clock awaits… The sun is up and the water company beckons. As soon as the water bottles are filled (and I take a couple Alive just in case), Hobbit Feet added… we’re off!


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