Run For The Water, One Week Out… Guilt and Worry and Excitement

So, I’m sitting here on this cool and clear Sunday morning looking at my 10 mile race just one week away.  My Figment outfit is pretty nearly ready (I’m working now on arm warmers that are the right color… just in case) and I’m really looking forward to seeing what my time is for this race.  I’m liking the course (mostly flat the first three and last three miles with some rolling hills in the middle) and I really think I can improve my chances for moving up a coral in January.

I’m trying to decide what color long sleeved shirt I should wear under my short sleeved shirt (lavender) if it ends up chilly like this morning on either race… I have yellow and white and red, and blue but I can’t find a single lavender long sleeved technical shirt (thus the arm warmers).

Amandya is doing the race with me.  She signed up late, and isn’t training, but that didn’t stop her in the half marathon last February.  She will make it.  I know she will.  And I know it will do her good.  She doesn’t like the fact that I’m probably not going to stay with her the whole race.  I’m not sure why it bothers her… she did 99% of the half all alone… and she is the one that left everyone else in the dust… and I’m just mom enough that I’m feeling guilty for knowing that I have to run this as my own race.  I have to push hard enough that I improve my chances in January.  And I’m just determined enough to leave her in the dust if I have to.  I’m putting the Disney music on her iPod so she has tunes to walk to.  I know she will be safe as long as she’s on the race route.  And we will be okay.

Guild sucks.

I’m sitting here, this early morning, with my right ankle wrapped in an ace bandage.  I should probably be doing a longish run today (to stick to the Galloway plan) but I was out in the back yard taking pictures of toad stools yesterday and I fell over a leaf and twisted my ankle.  In the grand scheme of my life, it hurts about a three.  But in the grand scheme of my current determination, it’s worrying me about a fifteen.  I’m going to take some industrial strength Aleve and try to at least take a walk a few times around the neighborhood to at least get what might pass for distance work in… but I can’t push… I can’t take the chance of hurting myself worse and not be able to do my best next week.

So… It’s nearly the end of October.  Disney let us know that they will ship our wrist bands December 2.  Our reservations look nearly right online.  and in a week I will validate to myself that I can…
1… finish a 10 mile race feeling way better than I finished the half in Feb
2… get times sufficient to move up a coral or two and improve my chances of not getting swept at Disney
3… race with my Figment outfit.  I may not get to get my picture taken with him in my outfit, but I can race through Epcot wearing my two tiny wings and my horns of a steer…

I know that my compulsion to run races isn’t really a popular thing… some people don’t understand why anyone would pay good money to go somewhere and go for a walk.  But… it’s something that I really love to do and it’s something that I’m going to keep doing.  This feels too good to give up on!  As long as I can, I’m going to.


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