Number 963 Running For The Water

So, today was packet pick-up for Run For The Water.  I am number 963.  The numbers seem to be being assigned by the order you show up (roughly) to pick up your packet.  The shirts DO run small, but I was smart enough to get one that is big enough for me.

So here we are, roughly 36 hours out from the 10 mile race.

The shirts say BuRUNdi, which I think is really neat because it combines “run” with the location, in South Africa, that we are running to raise money to help.  The goodie bag is kind of light, not even a bag to put your dry gear in for after the race (which kind of bugs me a bit).  It’s supposed to rain on Sunday, so not having dry clothes after the race will kind of be a bit of a downer.

I’ve got my outfit for Sunday all laid out and ready to go… all but my lavender arm warmers… I still have one of those to finish.  They are going to double as a tail if I don’t need them for my arms and hands.  I’m going to wear my purple striped Injinji’s socks and my Vibrams… as well as my Figment outfit.  I’m hoping for a couple pictures!!!   I’m going to con my family into taking a couple even if I don’t get any others.

I’m really looking forward to this race.  I think I can do well.  I need to do well.  I feel good.  I will have a lot on my mind and I know that, but… there is nothing I can do about that, either.


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