One Day At A Time

So, here I sit. I’m counting the days down until my next Rheumy appointment. I’m overdue. And I’m likely to be significantly more overdue for my infusion before I have any hope of getting in to get it. My hands are complaining fairly regularly, and my feet have been floofy for at least 10 days. My chest is starting to hurt in ways that I don’t really like. Like… between the ribs and under them. It’s stressing me out and the stress is making it worse.

Oddly enough, while the cold does seem to be making the Raynauds a little bitchy, it does not seem to be having a deleterious effect on my RA. The ends of my fingers SCREAM from the cold, but as soon as they warm up, everything seems to be going back to normal.

With my new job comes the need to dress in a more semi-professional manner. This seems to be doing me good in the long run. however with the increased floofiness in my feet, the wicked cool (obscenely expesive) shoes are not making my feet happy. To be honest, I’m having to take my shoes off in the middle of the afternoon because the shoes are impeding the circulation to my toes and making them feel sleepy and numb. And that is with thin socks. When I wear nice warm heavy toasty socks, they feel weird by 9 am.

On the up side, I’m starting to feel more and more like I REALLY need to start going back to the gym. I can’t go back to Gold’s (that membership ended when I left my last job) and I can’t really justify running outside when it is 9 degrees outside without the wind. So today I went to the company gym and started the sign up process. I will take the papers home tonight to fill out the perscriptions I take part of it. They will then schedule my intake analysis (not looking forward to that at all) and I will start to attend the gym here on a regular basis.


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