And we’re off

imageSitting at the airport. The beautiful sunrise so close to boarding bodes well for the trip… I hope…

Snarky butt head man got to move to a window seat after all. I would have made him stay in his ASSIGNED seat if had been that bitchy to me after I had been as polite as the flight attendant was to him. Sarcasm isn’t always required. Sometimes polite works better.

Take off was on time and timed perfectly. The sun was pink and orange and gold on the surface of Lake Erie and it glowed silver off of the top of the Key Bank building… My now version of the fish building in Austin. I miss you angel boy.

Fog snuggles comfortably along the river banks and vallies. It is reluctant as I was to get up.

My shoes are a little snug this morning. I’m glad I had my prednisone to toss in my pills that have to go bag.

I had to rummage to find a pen to take notes with on the air sick bag. I’ve come to realize that I rely on them greatly when I fly. Not for their intended purpose. Rather as handy note paper. The restaurant napkin of the sky. I make some of my most interesting observations on air sick bags. I have them squirreled away… Loathe to part with them even after their words have been transferred for posterity.

And through the clouds I fly.

Eeyore (good grief that donkey has seen it all) is once again my travel companion. The people behind me in security thought it was awesome. Older couple who work at Disney… Eeyore and my Donald Half Marathon shirt made for companionable conversation during the wait. I realized that I bought Eeyore and customized him that last trip to Disney before I was diagnosed. That is a trip that will haunt me forever. He is a welcome reminder that even when I’m gloomy the sun keeps on rising.


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