International Adventures Continue

So, I’m sitting on my front porch dressed in a way that would have utterly mortify my daughter a year ago.  The humidity of the morning seems to have dulled most of the sound from just about every…. everything but the rain dripping from the Hickory leaves and the occasional thud as one of the still green nuts falls to the ground.  I’m working from the front porch this morning to sign for my Brazilian visa and my passport that is scheduled to be here today.

I’m flying tomorrow to Sao Paulo Brazil.  A new passport stamp.  A new visa.  A new adventure.

This time I’m not traveling there as a herd.  I’m going all alone.  I’ve never done international alone.  I know that there will be ground transportation waiting for me and a room booked, but other than that, I’m on my own.  Time for my big girl panties.  I wish it were a Disney trip and I wouldn’t have to worry about any of the details and I would just know that magically things would happen.

I’m going to be gone over Squirrel Girl’s birthday.  She’s not happy.   Turns out she was very much hoping my visa (and passport) would get lost.  I need to find a wicked awesome hoody for her for her birthday.  It’s what she wants.  She is holding out hope for another alpaca one.  I will give it my best effort.

So, I’m going to Brazil.  Tomorrow.  I’m leaving here early in the morning and getting in late evening.  Home will be 2 weeks to the day and will be leaving late night and home again lunch time the next day.  I wonder what Brazil will bring.

I supposed I should start to think about packing…. probably… It is a little chilly there and they are calling for rainy so I guess my hoody and rain jacket aren’t a bad thing.  My boss already has in the request for pictures posted (yeah, like that will be a problem…).  Pills… I need to make sure I take my prednisone just in case.

It’s going to be a busy/full two weeks.  I will learn a lot.  I’ve already stocked up on the pills I need to take with me.  I will miss the Ohio state fair.  I will miss her birthday (but cake will happen when I get back home).

I’m not sure anyone realizes how big this is being for me, in my head.  Mostly new people… a whole new place… alone… Change isn’t easy on a good day.  THIS… this is a huge adventure.


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