Early Morning Frustration

So I’m up.  I slept longer than I should have but not as long as I could have.  It’s been one of those weeks and it is going to be one of those days.  Got up to find squirrel girl somehow in her excitement over learning how to use her software forgot to charge her phone (and she has her presidential luncheon in town today and might actually… you know… need to get hold of someone).  She also forgot that I can’t help proof read her English without all of the information necessary to see what it was supposed to have.  And waking her isn’t working well.

It’s been a long week.

Had my rheumy appointment yesterday.  Turns our that I have sun poisoning on both arms and one spot on my back.  I had a little light burn on my face from the day I got this but nothing really amounting to a burn. The Dr’s PA says it bypasses burn and goes straight to this really nastiness.  And I get to deal with it for… roughly… 6 weeks… or more…

Had my blood work (that is normally drawn every 2 visits) drawn again yesterday to see if the higher than normal liver enzymes was a fluke or if it was actually something to worry about.  The PA assured me that the stomach pains I have been having are not really a Rheumy thing (unless… you know… the liver enzymes are off again and then it might actually be something connected to my MTX) but is a PCP thing and is probably gall bladder but if that is what it is, they just yank it out through one of those three holes in the tummy surgeries anyway so I shouldn’t worry, it won’t be a big huge scar like they used to be… and it isn’t in the right place to be my Appendix….

Well, duh…

My appendix is a 90 min drive down I-80 from here burned in some medical incinerate over three decades ago… it is WAY in the wrong place if it is that.

So… I wait… blood work might be back today… maybe tomorrow… PCP appointment is a week from today.

I’ve been way less inclined to deal with bullshit.  Not that I’m overly inclined anyway, but it is making me way more short with some people than I should be.  Or maybe it is just making me way less tolerant of passive aggressive shit.  I’m not sure.  Whatever it is, I’m hoping that today is a good day.


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