Bitching and Whining

It’s warmer this morning, here.  Which means the snow is melting as we speak.  I guess I’m supposed to be happy about that, but somehow I’m not.  I’ve always liked winter.  I don’t like it less now.  I tell people that I moved here from Texas and they always ask why.  Seasons.  Seasons are what I love about here.

The freezing rain that is starting is not my favorite…

I’m sitting here, my fingers and wrists are bitching and whining.  I figure it is probably because the barometric pressure is changing.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to hunt up my Napproxin.  My Tiger Balm is helping, but not enough.

The coffee (2/3 Sheetz Winter Blend… 1/3 Sheetz morning blend) is yummy.  I want a donut.  I desperately want a donut.

I’ve got crocheting I have to get done.  I have writing I have to get done.  I have documentation I have to get done for work.  I really don’t have the time for my hands to be being bitchy… so this is the morning they pick to be being bitchy.

Here’s to hoping that you day is magical and that mine starts to be less bitchy…

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away…


2 responses to “Bitching and Whining

  1. Sending warm thoughts and hoping your hands ache less. I spent the morning in 30 degree, windy weather. My whole body is complaining.

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    • I’m glad the cold doesn’t bother me much. It’s the changes in the weather that seem to trigger crap for me.

      Listen to your body. I’m thinking I’m going to go soak in a hot bath this morning before the house really wakes up.


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