Black Friday morning creeps across the sky. Sitting here watching the daylight sneak in to the back yard. We got a couple inches of snow last night. DS is feeling disgusted because the snow only is lasting a day or two. It’s only November, though, by March he will likely be so sick of snow it isn’t even funny. But I know how he feels. I love to watch the snow. I love to see it quiet and white.

Thanksgiving was new this year. We are only a few miles from ‘home’ and we couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving because my babies have grown up and retail jobs this year dictated that we couldn’t travel. Thanks to the ever loving marvelous retail establishments that have decreed that Black Friday now start at 6 pm on Thanksgiving day. That means Thanksgiving is early or has to be early so people can go get their bobbles and trinkets ever earlier. I’m not entirely sure why we even bother with hearth and home and family and tradition any more. It really isn’t all that profitable, you know.

But there are new traditions to start now… and new beginnings… and new memories to make.

Gall bladder surgery meant that I couldn’t actually do the heavy (turkey) lifting. We had the turkey in the oven by 7 am so we could have dinner by about 1 so everyone could be ready for work on time. The turkey turned out really well. Everyone was starving more than they really should have been by the time the turkey timer popped and everything was ready.

My, now three, kids laid waste to the turkey skin in no time flat. I’m thinking that next year I will do the “tuck butter under the skin” before I bake the turkey. It makes the skin so incredibly crunchy and nummy.

I made my cranberry relish. There was pink fluffy stuff and peanut butter pie and stove top stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and candied sweet potatoes. I remember the stuffing of my youth. I can’t make it like that. I’ve tried for years. But now I make the stuffing that is my kids’ favorite. Stove Top Stuffing. Dinner was wonderful.

We went to Sheetz before the kids had to go to work and got the free Thanksgiving coffee. We stopped off at JC Pennys (thank goodness they opened an hour before the kids had to be in at work) and got our annual free Disney snow globe. They check to make sure that squirrel girl is actually over 18. They wre surprised that she is 20. Penny’s was giving away jingle bell bedecked boxes containing coupons. Inside was a coupon… 10 dollars off any purchase of ten dollars or more. We bought two sets of three Pashminas for 4.99 each… three twenty dollar Pashminas for just about $5. They are pretty and soft and not worth $20 but it was nice.

Over night it snowed…. The roads were horrible when I went after my dear other son after work. I was very glad to have my all wheel drive truck to drive. I don’t like bad roads but I truly love my truck. And this morning I’m having coffee out of my newest Sheetz cup waiting to see the deer not walk through the yard.

Thanksgiving this year was very different. But different really isn’t so bad.


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