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Holy cow, it’s Sunday again already.  More to the point, it’s almost Thanksgiving again.  October. when I was down south, made me homesick for fall, chilly weather, leaves, frost… In the last several years, November has made me think about Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis.  Hard to believe it’s been six years since I found out what is really going on inside my body.

This week has been an adventure filled week.

I went to have my toe taken care of on Monday.  Actually, I went last week and the family practitioner gave me antibiotics to get rid of the infection and sent me to a podiatrist.  He seemed to be under the impression that a podiatrist was easier to get in to than a dermatologist in the Cleveland Clinic system.  They are, but not by much.

Which reminds me, I have two appointments mid-December I probably should get cancelled…

Monday I went to a perfectly wonderful doctor in the University Medical Center group of doctors.  He fixed the underlying issue and I feel so much better.  This week, it’s back to training for the Santa Hustle.

But, I was supposed to have my infusion on Wednesday.  I was (am) on antibiotics for staph infection in the toe so… they cancelled the infusion.  Without letting me know.  I showed up at the appointment and… no… you don’t have an appointment today.  “OH they cancelled it because you’re on antibiotics.  Didn’t they call you? “… no… I’m pretty sure I would have remembered someone calling to tell me that I will be spending the next entire week feeling like crap.

So, I’m half way to Thursday when I get to go have my infusion (I hope).  Toe is much better (MUCH better), antibiotics are almost gone, I’m gobbling Napproxin like tic-tacs at this point, and dropping everything that ends up in my hands, but by next weekend that will pass.  I’m gagging everyone in my family with the smell of Tiger Balm but I really don’t care.

One thing I found while I was feeling down this week was Noteledge has been ported to Android.  It’s not as robust as the iOS version, and the iOS version seems to be buggy as all get out sometimes, but I like this… It will export in mobi or epub… it has pretty decent voice recognition.  I think I’m going to try keeping the “upgraded” version I am subscribing to now to see how it works on a phone.  I may be able to talk to it on the way to work and get some writing done while I’m ‘wasting’ time driving to work in the mornings.  Might even be able to capture some real time dialog.  I’m still playing with it, and I’m not convinced it will take the place of my S-Note, but I kind of like it.  Time will tell.


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