Boye 4 in 1 crochet tool


Hello!  I don’t usually get this excited about kitchy kind of things (okay, sometimes I do, but this one is so cool I just have to write about it).  I went to WalMart to see if I could find a couple more skeins of “butterfly” color yarn.  I got a couple skeins of it last night but I bought out all the ones that THAT store had.  I was hoping.   They didn’t.  I hunted everywhere… behind, between and under.  Nowhere.  I’m going to have to go on a mad hunt if what I have doesn’t do what I need it to do.  image

HOWEVER, I did find this handy dandy little tool.  There are 2 colors… each color comes with its own sizes of hooks.  I’m so excited about this.  Four folding hooks in one compact little package.  It was $8 at my local WalMart and I think that is kind of standard pricing the way I found through on line hunting.  Amazon has it for three dollars more.


I like the way the hooks fold.  I like that I think I can turn it into a key chain if I work it right.  I even like the way it kind of locks (almost, not quite) the stitch I’m on and doesn’t fall out as easily.


More than either of these, though, I like that the hook can be angled from the ‘handle’ when I’m using it when my hands are feeling the way they are right now.  It feels much more comfortable.  EVEN more than that, the handle is kind of skid resistant plastic in the darker purple places… it is easier to hang on to, it is easier to not drop, and it is easier on the hands.


I’m not sure how I’m going to like building the foundation row of a project with it, but I certainly like the way it feels when I’m working with it on an already started project.

Only had the money to buy the purple one today (hook sizes E, G, I, K) but on pay day in two weeks I’m going to buy the D, F, H, J version so I have a full compliment of hooks.

Looking at the way they hook to the handle… I’m thinking that I may get two complete sets of these and turn one of them into a KNOOK hook set that is a little more robust than the ones I’ve been working with lately.

I tried to tell Boye how much I really love this little handy dandy hook tool, but it doesn’t actually show up on the Simplicity site… so I guess I can’t really do that…


3 responses to “Boye 4 in 1 crochet tool

  1. That looks really useful, I might have to track one down.


  2. This is so handy-looking. I haven’t been to a Walmart in a while, but I’m going to look for this. Four hooks in one, can’t beat that. I have what seems like a thousand hooks lying around somewhere. And crocheting really helps your hands when they they feel stiff and painful. And the best part is that someone gets a nifty gift out of it!

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