Looking into 2016

So, it is January 2, 2016.
Happy New Year everyone.

This morning I’m sitting with IHeart Family playing on my phone to drown out the world.  Frozen just came on.  It’s kind of working.  Kind of. Tomorrow my oldest turns 24.  This month marks my second year at my current employer.  January is always a month of reflection for me. It always feels like everything that races through my brain happened just yesterday.  After all, I’m still only about 20 years old in my head.  How can my babies both be older than I am?  That just isn’t possible.

I’m liking IHeart Family.  Already listened to Fight Song (then immediately bought it) and now I’m listening to random Disney songs.  I can do this.  Maybe this will be my ‘running’ app.  Disney songs are very often the right tempo for me.

On our Facebook group (Living Life Large with Rheumatoid Arthritis) we started the year out by looking at what we can do to get ready for our doctor appointments better. It has already spawned some conversation and that has made me smile.  We are still a rather small group of up beat people trying our best to motivate each other to stay as positive as we can as we face each day with RA.

10345538_1072084482812484_2935529752695921918_nYesterday, New Years Day 2016, we went to Edgewater Park in Cleveland to visit Lake Erie.  It’s one of my favorite places to go here.  Yesterday was cold (29 degrees Fahrenheit) with a stiff breeze off of the lake.  The day was way gray (the sky and the lake) and my goonie hat (toboggan hat, apparently) came in very handy.  I’m so making more of these.  I’ve been needing to visit the lake and yesterday was the perfect day.  The lake was rough, the sand was frozen and it was nearly deserted.  Of course it was also very awesome to see the Cleveland Polar Bears taking their New Years swim.  No one stayed in the water long, except the two people on boards surfing and paddling in the waves.  I found pink glass and yellow glass.  I didn’t even know beach glass was ever pink or yellow.  I remember hearing how everyone always wanted to find red because red was something you never saw.  I have found red a few times, but yesterday I found a pink that looks like bicycle seat and an oval yellow.  I walked as far as where the lake and hill make it impossible to walk further on the beach then turned back.  I needed to spend time by the lake yesterday.  It helped.

I let everyone know the medical tests we are facing in the next couple weeks (bear, not me, this time).  Everyone apparently read as far as I was able to read the first couple hours after we found out the results of the CT scan.  They are perfectly fine with what they know and with what they believe.  I guess I will let them be perfectly good with it.

New Year’s Resolutions?  No, not so much.  I have goals for this year and I really am going to work towards those goals.

As for today, the kids will be out and about with the godfather.  I’m headed to the post office and getting ready to go back to work on Monday.

I hope everyone has a magical week.

Author: April Wells
Published January 2, 2016


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