A Note On Being too long Without Orencia

Feeling The Feet

Feeling The Feet

So, it’s infusion day again.  I only have to wait three more hours.  I’ve been counting hours all night long… since about Thursday… And here it is, infusion day!!!

I’m five weeks out from my last infusion again.  I hate when something prevents me from hitting the four week marks.  This time it was very much worth it, but the last few days have been very very trying, none the less.

I went to Las Vegas to Collaborate 16 (think 3000 Oracle users in one form or another… geeks… functionals… vendors) trapped in an incredibly over priced hotel for five days.  It was interesting.  It was VERY educational.  It was kind of long (I walked no less than 12000 steps every day of the conference… and took yoga three consecutive mornings for free… ).  Would have been a nice early birthday present to get one of the really cool toys the vendors were giving away, but hey… I walked away with some interesting tech toys anyway.

I got home on Friday and we went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Kings Island on Saturday.  Bear wanted to run away and spend a few hours just walking around alone (with like a billion other people with similar ideas) in the gorgeous 80 degree weather.  It was gorgeous, and very fun, but I really probably could have waited for a few days to undertake the extra activity.

But here I am, today, thinking that right now I could cheerfully chew my feet off about 6 inches above my ankles and my hands off at the elbows.  I’m SO ready for my infusion today.

Mornings like this (after sleep being incredibly elusive) are hard.  For me, it is fingers tingling and aching with the inability to hold things well (like spoons, pens, the steering wheel) and my feet feeling like they are made of cast iron (heavy, unbendable, tingly and achy).  I can always start to feel it when I’m coming up on FOUR weeks.  Five weeks and I’m really tying knots in my own rope to try to hang on… and making a concerted effort to actually breathe.

Typing is never a good thing at this point… but when you are in IT, it is a necessary evil.

I think the worst part, though, is how short tempered and cranky feeling like this makes me.  It makes me horrible to be around because all I really want to do is curl into a position that hurts less and not move.  This can make meetings a challenge and small talk even more so.

So I paint on my smile, consume copious amounts of coffee laced at regular intervals with Napproxen and keep on keeping on.

Today will definitely be a good thing.

So, this morning it is black coffee, working from home, and trotting to the doctor to get my fix.  Post appointment, I will be working from my wonderful front porch.

By the weekend, I should be feeling almost human again… which is good because I’m working on upgrades on Sunday and need to be feeling almost human.

Love and Light
April Wells


4 responses to “A Note On Being too long Without Orencia

  1. I am on Orencia also, but I chose to take the weekly injections. It works to a degree, but not optimally. I do know when it’s time for the next injection, though. I’m just wondering if you had any experience with the injections versus infusions and which works better. Hope you feel better soon! Dawn

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    • 🙂
      You know, they have offered me the injections but I’ve opted to keep taking the infusions. I did the injection thing with the humera and enbryl but I kind of really enjoy the time I spend at the infusion center, and the fact that it means I get to work from home once a month without feeling guilty.
      I know that the rheumy says they both have the same effectiveness and I KNOW my insurance company would be much happier if I opted for the injections, but I haven’t gone that route yet.
      Although, I must admit, the bruises would be much easier to hide with injections in the spring and summer.

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      • I was wondering if the effectiveness is the same. This doesn’t seem to be working, either. But, I’m gonna keep on keeping on and hope that whatever comes next will help. Hope you have some relief from your infusion as it sounds like you’ve tried them all, too. Take care, Dawn

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  2. I hope you’re feeling lots better after your fix! Working on the front porch sounds so relaxing.


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