Bad Infusion Day

I look forward to infusion day.  I usually just like knowing that the aches will soon be gone.  In the warmer months I enjoy working from home from the front porch.  It’s truly productive and peaceful.

Today is a bad Infusion day.  After being  stuck 7 times they finally caught a vein  and I’m taped up and ready to go.

I’m ready to puke, too.  Being stuck doesn’t usually bother me.  It’s a pinch.  It’s a trade off.  Today, not so much.  Today I’m fighting off tears.  And to make it worse, it’s positional, so I’m kind of stuck with just my left hand.

I’m so ready to go home… I want to start a fire in the chiminea and wrap myself in my shawl and rest.  It’s been a long time since an infusion has been this impactful.

I really hope it’s not an omen.

Love and Light


4 responses to “Bad Infusion Day

  1. So sorry, that is the worst, I’ve had up to 9, they kept asking if I wanted to try again which I did but it was pure agony. Try a couple of bottles of gatorade\powerade before your infusion. I went through 6-7 months of having issues and it turned out I was drinking too much water beforehand. Low cal or no sugar seems to work as well as the regular kind and I’ve been almost a one stick wonder since then. Good luck, hopefully your infusion is all done by now and you are on your way home!


  2. I’m sorry you had such an awful time with this. It’s stressful just being poked once, but seven? I can’t imagine. I hope you get good results from your infusion and can rest up after this ordeal.


  3. Wellness 3.6.0



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