Reflections on the Presque Isle Half Marathon

Monday morning.  Thunder rolls.

Working from home ALL week because of the Republican National Convention (the craziness in town was already incredible the end of last week, and today the crazies all really descend).  Bright and early connected so I know I am connected.  Not that I’m INCREDIBLY worried but better to be safe than sorry if something breaks.

After yesterday’s race, it’s good to be able to not have to worry about getting myself together and hauling my butt into town.  I don’t know if I could really face the three quarter mile walk from the parking lot hauling my too heavy backpack that far.  I actually feel pretty good this morning (after a turkey leg, a hot bath, and 11 hours sleep) but I don’t think that would be a good walk up to work or back to the parking lot.

But, for now… the race.

I placed 1340
pace roughly 16:45
there were 1359 finishers, two more were DNF
bear finished 1344 with a pace time of 17:30

The race…

Packet pickup race day started at roughly 5:30.  There was quite a line at both pre-registered and un-registered packet pickup.  The race was supposed to be started at 6:45.  The ‘gun’ went off at 7:15.  It would have been nice to start on time, but.. well… you know… and money IS money even if most of it was packet pickup pre-registered people from Erie not having the time to pick up their packets Saturday.  We drove 2 hours and made it in plenty of time.


Presque Isle

Sunrise was peaceful and pretty.

There were an incredible number of port-a-potties given the number of racers.  There was plenty of water at EVERY water stop even for those of us in the back of the pack.  AND there was a race photographer at the halfway point and at the finish line… even for those of us at the back of the pack.  It made a huge difference.  To me at least…

‘Running’ in the shade of the trees was amazingly wonderful.  Where there were no trees, it was incredibly bright and warm.  Having the last couple miles under the trees made them easier.

A couple of the last water stops had garbage cans full of cool wet towels.  Being able to wipe off the drying sweat and wrapping it around my neck helped plodding feet.

The race was good.  The woman at mile point ten who cheered encouragingly until she had to tell me (SNEER me) my time (2 hours and forty three minutes).  I know I suck.  I know that I’m slow and worthless but really… you’re a volunteer to state my time not make me feel worse.  Thanks for the sneer.  I finished despite being beneath contempt.  I wasn’t even last.

The medals… are medals.  They remind me disturbingly of the ones we handed out in Amarillo to all of the kid participants in Kid’s Inc.  The shirts are comfortable.  Not a great cut… sleeveless but comfortable and summery. It was fabulous to change into after the race… clean and comfortable. The food at the end was most welcome.  The sandwich was too much… the bread too dry… but the fruit and the coleslaw was incredible.

Will I sign up for next year’s race?  Yesterday I was sure no.  Today… today I’m thinking that maybe I will.  It’s not expensive.  The bling reflects the price but I really enjoy the walk.

The prednisone helped.  My knees ached but my hips didn’t feel like someone had poured hot ground glass into the joints.  Now to finish the taper.  And to work through my week from home work week.  Probably my most productive week ever.


Love and Light



2 responses to “Reflections on the Presque Isle Half Marathon

  1. Hot ground glass, that’s a perfect description of hip pain. Congratulations on your run. That’s some beautiful sunrise. Enjoy working from home! Best place to be.


    • The sunrise would have been even prettier if it was on the east side of the peninsula rather than the left, but it was a pretty start to the morning.

      My co-workers this week are blue-jays, chickadees, occasional squirrels.


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