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My RA eyes are getting really dry

Well, while this isn’t new… it is definitely very irritating (in a lot of ways).

For the last several years it has been a given that I have dry eyes and dry mouth  (sjogrens).  It’s kind of getting old fast.  But the newest development has really started to get to me.

I have started to have dry crusty discharge at the corners of my eyes.  Yeah, I know everyone does now and then, especially when you wake up in the morning.  Mine has gotten to be like that only fifty times worse.  My eyes are like that almost all the time and a few times it has gotten bad enough that when I tried to clean my eyes it has scratched my lower eye lid.

I use Refresh lubricating eye drops several times a day but the relief is only temporary and then it keeps coming back.

I’m going to have to break down and 1. rat myself out to my rheumy on Monday when I go in for my infusion and 2. go see my eye doctor to see what she has to say about the new development.  So far, I think that the epithelial basement membrane distrophy hasn’t gotten any worse but only the eye doctor can verify that.

When my hands/feet/hips/shoulders/knees hurt it’s annoying and they hurt but when it comes to my eyes I really start to worry.  The fear, I know, is needless… but… it’s real and it’s there none the less.

Anyone else have this interesting development?  I have been doing considerable reading but it is still kind of new and concerning.




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