Thanksgiving Again

Isn’t it interesting how it keeps rolling around, year after year and how every year it feels like it comes quicker and quicker?

Here I am, sitting in my office surrounded by medicine bottles and memories, coffee cups and music.  Outside, the last few leaves from the hickory trees are giving up their clinging tenaciously to the branches and with a snick they flutter to the ground.

It’s supposed to be surprisingly seasonal today.  In Cleveland it is supposed to be in the mid 40s (Fahrenheit) and off and on rain.  In Grove City it’s supposed to be about the same, with a little less rain maybe.  It’s depressingly gray this morning.

We are heading south-ish in a couple hours.  Adam has missed seeing family and is really looking forward to this. He was going to drive his shiny new car, but it needs the headlight lever replaced and it’s really not so safe for him to be driving after dark and we will have to be driving back home after dark for Travis to be at work on time.

My shoulder is giving me fits this morning.  The unsettled weather has it whining pretty good and it’s really annoying.  I keep putting Tiger Balm Arthritis Rub on it but it’s really still not happy.  I’m going to have to resort to Napproxen before we head out today.  Of course I’m going to have to take the Napproxen with me because Squirrel girl irritated her knee falling on the stairs a couple days ago and she needs to keep the edge off until it decides it’s not pissed off at her any more.

Me, I’m looking forward to my infusion on Monday.

It’s very quiet this morning.  The birds and squirrels are fed (have to buy more bird feed soon again… birds can eat a lot). I even saw a wood pecker at the suet feeder this morning.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of them coming in to have breakfast.  I’m going to have to start getting after the feeders more aggressively, if the wood peckers are coming in, breakfast must be getting a little thin.

I checked the last couple tomato plants in the greenhouse this morning while I was filling feeders and I found these!!!   And one of the plants is till flowering so if the weather holds a while and I keep the water bottles up close to the pots, maybe I will have tomatoes through a bit of December.

Here is to the November Feast for those of us celebrating US holidays.  Here’s to a wonderful Thursday to those of us not.

Love and Light to all




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