Cataract Surgery… part 1

It’s freaking cold this morning but the full moon is stunning and, all in all, it could be worse.  We could live 20 miles north east of where we live and we could be getting another foot of snow on top of the two that already fell in the last week.  I think that today that would not be good.

Today Bear goes for his first eye’s cataract surgery.  That means I ‘get’ to drive him home from the surgery center today and to the eye doctor tomorrow.  He’s not a happy camper.  He is totally not a passenger and I think he will be a nervous wreck more after the surgery because I’m driving him home that he is before the surgery.

The saving grace is, we are only supposed to get 0 – 2 inches of snow today and that means I can drive his car and he doesn’t have to tolerate driving my truck.

He hates my Subaru and it really doesn’t like him much either.

I’ve already got MY bag packed for the surgery center (iPad, chargers, crochet project) so I can stay busy while I’m in the waiting room.  Depending on how long they say the surgery will take, I may venture out to find the fixings for the Dog Paw Wax I saw in a “share” from someone at work on Facebook yesterday.

3 oz bees wax
3 T coconut oil
3 T avacodo oil
3 t calendula oil

melt in a double boiler (or a canning jar in a pan of water) and pour into tins or molds.  Rub the solidified (after cooled) wax on the puppy-doodle’s paws before winter adventures.

It’s supposed to protect the feet from salt and snow and ice.

I think Peanut will be much happier if we do that when we go for walkies.  She really doesn’t like the snow and salt and she hates booties even worse.

I’m hoping that the cataract surgery helps.  I can only imagine how he’s been seeing the world the last few years.  It will be good for him to be able to really see again.

Good thoughts, healing thoughts, prayers are all most welcome today.

love and light


One response to “Cataract Surgery… part 1

  1. I hope the cataract surgery improves his eyesight. It made such a big difference to me I have been thinking of trying to get the one done.


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