And… now that I have your attention…

Post Santa Hustle recap.

Three years ago I had my first Did Not Finish and it was the Santa Hustle and I beat myself pretty badly because I could not finish the race.  I was 6 weeks out from gallbladder surgery and I really had no business trying to do the race.

Today I had my second.

And I’m not beating myself up so much this time.

In fact, I’m sitting at home right about the time I should have gotten home from racing… I’m warm and am drinking my tea and I have had a nice hot bath and I feel pretty darn good.

Today, I chose to be prudent and not continue the race.  I made it three miles.  I got through the park and I still felt really good (I could have finished, I feel really good).  I fell, though, twice in the park in the slippy mooshy slop that the salt created, my feet were completely soaked as were my pants.  I was dead last coming out of the park and if I had stayed on my time, I would have finished an hour behind the next runner up if not 90 minutes.

It was 23 degrees.

They probably would have hung around for me to finish, but guilt would have been my constant companion most of the way.

And it was 23 degrees and I had wet shoes, socks and pants.

I’m pretty sure I would have ended up sick.

As it is, I will be favoring my knee pretty good for a few days from where I landed on the wet concrete.

But, I started, which is better than about 2/3 of the people who signed up for the race.  There were less than a third the typical herd.

I almost went home before I started but I love the race and I love the snow and I love Lake Erie and to have all of them in one place… it was just too good to pass up.

I am impressed this year with the race layout in the park, though.  At the water stop in the park there was a porta-potty.  That was a first.

No one was stopping for water or cookies or M&Ms.

But the park in the snow was something to see.  AND they replaced the “Cedar Point” sound track with Christmas music which was a nice change this year.

I didn’t need to get sick.  Bear didn’t need to get sick being there supporting me.  And I couldn’t bring myself to make people hang out in the freaking cold and 18 mile an hour wind to hand me a medal long after the next person had crossed.

So I quit.

And I’m remarkably not too broken up about it.

Next year’s races I think I will do very different

I’m looking forward to a couple of the Hermes races in Cleveland.  One in April in Edgewater park and one in Rocky River later in the year.  I will do the Christmas Story House race next year because I really really loved that race.

And I think I’m going to be good to myself and accept that there are just times when it is better to quit than to be stubborn and push ahead.




5 responses to “I QUIT!!!

  1. Congratulations for doing the 3 miles in that crazy weather!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • =) Walking very fast in the snow was awesome. If I would have been dry (or if I had remembered to put on some Wonder Bread Bags to keep my feet dry) it would have been more fun.


  2. Ceder Point is one of my favorite places in the world, in the summer of course. There is no shame in a DNF. At 29 degrees, I am sitting home period. But I am neither a runner nor a cold weather person. I think you did great. Oh and thanks for the cool pictures.

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    • I really enjoy Cedar Point. I don’t ride many of the roller coasters, I do really like the water park and I’m looking forward to going to see the new stuff this year.
      It’s really neat to go through the park in the winter. This is my third time with the Santa Hustle and the deserted park is really awesome.

      The lake though… the lake is the best part of Cedar Point. I dream of having a house on the lake so I can wake up to that every morning… even if it is freaking cold and windy.


  3. That looks awfully chilly. Don’t miss my Michigan days! Good on you for knowing when to chuck in the towel. Quitting can be good for your soul, and your joints. Stay warm, and have a joyous Christmas.


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