Making the Most of the Year End

Year End… the time of reflection… of new promises to ourselves that are quickly broken, of preparing for festivities (or for planning on quiet nights spent at home). The end of the year can mean so many different things.  If you have insurance in the US (I have no idea how the rest of the world works) you may be viewing the year end as we have been, a time for cramming in as many things that might need to be done while you have already met your out of pocket maximum and everything is, ostensibly, free.  I met my out of pocket max in February this year.  I am hoping it takes at least until March next year.

I was trying to get a few extra tests in this year that doing the needful the entire year at work for two years has kept me from doing.  They require entire days of time to be dedicated, and I have not had the latitude to be able to take the time.  I have a hunch that the same will be true next year because we have already been told how our reality is going to be for at least the next three to five years (yay me) but a girl can try.  I didn’t get the tests in I was hoping for but we did get all of the cataract surgery for Bear out of the way, all of the eye exams and glasses on order, squeezed in my end of year infusion, and made sure we got in everything we possibly could.

And Sunday starts a whole new year of deductibles and co-pays.

But, as the year comes to a close, and I wish I had been able to get done everything I should have gotten done, I sit in the quiet and reflect back on where the time went, where the doctor’s visits went, where the insurance rabbit trail went this year.  It’s been quite a year this year.  I’ve seen more than my share of the insides of waiting rooms.  I’ve spend entirely too much time stressing and worrying.

I hope that the coming year is a little more mundane.

Love and Light
April Wells


One response to “Making the Most of the Year End

  1. I could use mundane as well. Like you, as I was checking out today at the pharmacy I had to remember that next week, I will have to start my deductible. Surely next year December should have 40 days or something like that.

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