Weekends are too Short

It’s bright and early Sunday morning.  I’m up playing with my new toy and realizing that weekends are just entirely too short.  I’ve picked up my coffee cup at least a half dozen times and realized that it is still empty.

I probably ought to do something about that.

I’m honestly just not that ambitious at the moment and that says way too much about this weekend so far.

Yesterday I got a new toy.  The frustration level I was having with my PC was amazingly high, given that I could not walk up to my computer and reliably know that I would be able to log in and do… well… anything.  Hardware has been giving me issues and now every time Windows 10 tries to update I spend minimally an hour trying to get back to a restore point so I can undo the new update and try valiantly to be productive.   It was wearing on my nerves and entirely too stressful for its own good.

In walks new toy.  We bit the bullet and bought an iMac.  This morning I am working on getting all of the apps and content transferred (that which didn’t automagically transfer) from my way old (in technology years that is like dog years on steroids) to the new computer.  In parallel, I’m writing this.  In parallel, I’m offloading pictures from my phone.

There were over 21,000.

I’ve activated Office so I can make any critical changes to documents.

I can SO do this.  I can’t wait to dink with my pictures in iPhoto.  It’s kind of creepy watching them FLY by as they offload from the phone and remembering where I was when each was taken.

I’m feeling incredibly productive this morning.

Except for the coffee…

Last night we went to see Endgame at the local community college.  Interesting play… I would definitely not go see it again.  Once was sufficient… even given that I took a quick nap in the middle of it.  I tried to enjoy it.  There were interesting pieces and parts.  It would have been better to have some kind of back story before I actually saw the play… I felt, the whole time, like I was missing something critical.  I probably was.

But the snow on the drive home was really pretty and I’m actually looking forward to The Spelling Bee that is supposed to be coming up as the next Western Campus production.

I think maybe coffee is warranted.  It sounds like a wonderful plan while the last 15000 pictures copy from my phone.

Today we take a road trip to a birthday party in Pennsylvania.  I’m looking forward to it.  I can get some pictures of people I don’t get to see very often and I’m thinking this will be fodder for a delightful entry later on.

For now…
love and light


4 responses to “Weekends are too Short

  1. I have always wanted to see that play. I think it is a fascinating concept.


    • It’s an interesting play… but I think it is better if you go into it knowing that it’s kind of… a conceptual play rather than one that makes much sense.


  2. The iMac…great purchase! I will never get anything else. I hope you enjoy it! And have fun with all your pictures!


    • Oh I LOVE my iMac. I have a 6 year old MacBook Pro and I love it to death too. I’m dreading a day when it won’t work. I got so frustrated with my Windows machines that I took the leap. My DH likes it because it puts itself to sleep and isn’t “on” all day. I still have some tinkering to do with the settings (like if I go make coffee when I come back it is asleep) but it’s an adventure well worth it.


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