For me, It’s all about the spoons

So, ever since it really clicked with me about spoons and needing to conserve spoons (see The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino because if I don’t, I really really feel crappy, sometimes for days, I have been accumulating spoons.  I know that it doesn’t really translate to really saving spoons if I have one, but it does translate to reminding myself that sometimes I’m a total idiot and I don’t remember to remember to conserve spoons when I really need to.

I have a spoon ring I got at the Apple Market in London.  I have the awesome spoon that my son jacked me in Vietnam.  I have the incense spoon that I bought at Texas Ren Festi.  I have some really pretty spoons.  I have some really interesting spoons.   All to remind me that I’m an idiot.

I went and presented at Collaborate 17 in Las Vegas a month ago.  It was an awesome experience and I’m kind of getting hooked on presenting again.

At collaborate there was vendor floor with dozens of vendors spread out and hawking their wares.  It was geek heaven.  One of the vendors (Delphix) is the home of my hero (Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman) in all things Women in Technology (WIT), presenting, and being yourself even when you get odd looks.  I stopped by and they had this awesome copper colored tin box that you could get for letting them scan your badge.  I like kitchy boxes and bags as well as spoons so they scanned.  The tag on the box said it was a carry on cocktail mix for a Moscow Mule.

I don’t drink.  I can’t because of the magical cocktail of meds already swimming in my system.  I also don’t drink because I’m really not very good at it.  I’m goofy enough without alcohol making it bigger.  So, I didn’t really look much at the “kit” as anything but a really cool box.

This morning I was going to toss a couple tea bags in my purse and remembered that I got the really neat tin box and figured they would fit well inside.  I opened it and found the most interesting (and incredibly well made) spoon in the kit.  It made me smile.  It’s small and interesting (the whole set reminds me somewhat of a shovel and a ‘panning for gold” pan) and fits well in one of the pockets of my purse.

Another small reminder to be gentle with myself.


Happy Monday All
Love and Light


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