Earth Therapy

I found a neat website, Earth Therapy. They have some beautiful things and I have some of their magnetic and copper jewelry. The prices are competitive and the look is incredibly stylish and lovely. There are some other interesting products that I’m dying to try.

I grew up in the shadow of my aunt who believed completely in the properties of copper and magnets. She was a breast cancer survivor and she wore copper bracelets to stave off the aches that she had in her hands. For years I remember the copper bracelet she wore.

As I’ve aged I’ve, off and on, worn copper (that usually turns my fingers green) and magnets. I don’t know if they help or not. I know it can’t hurt wearing either copper or manets. Over the years, most of the bracelets I’ve worn are a bit tacky and cheap looking. I love the pewter design of my bracelet. It sets off my “WRITER” typewriter key bracelet delightfully.

I don’t know if the magnets or the copper are helping, physically, but I know that they are helping mentally. I don’t think that I will either stop taking my medication at this point or wearing my magnets and copper. Anything that helps (mentally, physically, spiritually) helps and these do make me smile in my heart.

While the products are delightful, and I will invest in way more, one of the best parts of the website are the blogs. I keep hoping there will be more entries as time goes on. I have been reading “10 Terrific Tired-Busting Tips to Boost Your Energy Now!“. We all need to find new ways to fight the tired (exhausted) and while coffee helps it isn’t the be-all and end-all.

If you get the chance, stop over and have a look.  Take a deep breath and find a quiet spot to enjoy your adventure.


Love and Light


One response to “Earth Therapy

  1. Rick Phillips

    Hey, looks are 95% of the 70% that matters the most. Unless you are in the 40% of those who think that 20% of us always look good. We all know those people can not follow simple logic. 🙂


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