Dear IF, August 13, 2017

Dear IF

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve written. Things get crazy sometimes, and sometimes you just don’t have the give a damn to do much at all. When those two things collide… yeah… it’s not pretty.

Tomorrow is my infusion and I’m SO ready for this. It’s been an ahcier than normal month and I’m really ready to see if the Orencia helps knock this down. It better, if I’m still feeling this way end of September, it’s going to not be pretty at Disney on some of the days. This morning is really quiet and cool, though so today might be a good day. I’ve been relying a lot lately on my CBD booboo ointment. I’m going to have to go easy on it, or I will run out before I can get the money together to invest in the next batch.

Mom’s sweater is to the stitching the pieces together point (again… this time I have the right number of corners… smh) and it’s looking like it will be done soon. That makes me smile. It’s really pretty green. I’m thinking I might opt for not tree trunk brown as the edging, though. I might just get a really really deep green if I can find one that is soft and edge it in that. I’ll see once it is stitched together and the hood attached.

It’s picnic day. Work, this year, is having our departmental picnic one that is a family event. I’m not sure who will be up or who will be up to going when the time comes, but I’ve signed us all up to go. Watermelons are in the trunk. Ribs are back on the grill warming back through. I’ll end up having to wrap them in blankets to keep them warm to the picnic grounds but they seemed to have turned out nicely. It’s nice that we are having a family day. It’s a bit demoralizing that work in Austin and work here really didn’t so much do ‘family’ things… but did more the team building with people you see every day anyway kind of events. This is going to be nice. I’ve tried drafting squirrel to take pictures. If she doesn’t (her knee was really REALLY swelled last night when she got home from work… it looked bad and she’s probably going to take a few days of prednisone to knock down the swelling) feel up to it, I will take a bunch of candids.

The lady who was working with me to get the pulmonary fibrosis support group going died this week. It seemed very sudden. Her doctor messaged me to let me know. It saddens my heart. It scares the shit out of me. It really knocked me for a loop. I have to get the fliers done for the November meeting. Not that I think anyone will show up at this point but it’s worth working towards. It’s very much worth working towards. I’ll invest in the cookies and coffee for the event. I owe it to Judy to push forward. Her enthusiasm was kind of keeping me going and on track, but I owe it to her to keep pushing. I owe it to her and to bear.

A good friend clued me into an app that I’ve fallen in love with. Roadid. It’s kind of an exercise app (you put in whether you are going for a "run" or a bike ride and it uses your gps on your phone to track your progress) but it’s even better than that. It’s not like the ‘how far how fast’ apps… it tracks you and makes sure that you stay safe. You put in some contacts’ names and it emails/texts them to let them know you are starting. You can tell it to alert them if you stop for more than five minutes. You run it in the background and you go for your outing. The message that it sends your contact shows your progress on a map, where you are, where you’ve gone. Yesterday it meant that I could have the fish ready when bear got home from his walk. It meant I knew where he was and when he had to stop. It really really made me feel better to be able to track his progress… to make sure that he was okay. I’ll run it on my phone walking to and from the car at work. He will use it when he goes for his walks. After I can throw together enough money, I am going to invest in some wearables (one for him, one for me) that we can wear that will alert people to medical conditions and for the background medical information tracking on line that goes with it. That way if there is an emergency, it will be easier for both of us to be safe. The jewelry isn’t as sexy as some that I’ve seen, but it’s way practical for us.

Well, the world is coming alive, IF. I will send you pictures of mom’s sweater when I get it finished. I’ll keep you up to date on what is going on. For now, I hope your day and your week are good. I hope ours is better, too.

Love and Light


It takes courage to grow up and become who You really are. <Amandya Wells>"Too many people just don’t understand the simple enjoyment of flying a kite"
~ Adam Wells… age 10


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Some things have to be believed to be seen….

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