Hidden Gems

Sometimes even when you’re feeling your crappiest you can still find hidden gems in your day. Yesterday was a case in point.

Yay RA meds mean that every passing breeze is a mine field of germs. So when the boys caught cold I knew it was inevitable that I would get it. I did and it’s a really bad summer cold. I feel horrible. The only up side is I will be better by Disney.

Drove squirrel to work yesterday and decided to try my hand at getting to the tiny stretch of beach where we watch the sunrise. Rumor had it that it’s a treasure trove of beach glass.

Turns out the rumors were right. It was a bugger to get to but it was so worth the climb. The view was (duh) different even though it was too gray for a pretty sunrise.

But the glass was amazing. 15 minutes got me a bowl full… With shades of blues and shades of green and an interesting yellow fellow.

The waves are too high today for a return trip but maybe I’ll have to try again next week!

Love and light




One response to “Hidden Gems

  1. That beach is magnificent. Wow, thank you for the wonderful pictures.


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