Dear IF, September 20, 2017

Good morning, IF

It’s a beautiful (if rather humid) morning in upstate Ohio.  Peanut and I are sitting on the porch listening to the fountain and the crickets and cicadas singing.  There isn’t a breeze in the air… nothing stirring any of the wind chimes, which would have probably made this about perfect… but.. .hey.  Coffee is… well, it’s instant and about room temperature this morning, but it is definitely coffee.

We leave for our trip in just a few hours.  I’ve been counting days for like, ever, but we are now down to just a hand full of hours.  The car is packed.  I’m just about ready to pack everything in for two weeks and call it vacation.

Bear hasn’t been sleeping.  He was taking pills to help him sleep through the horrible cold he had and he ran out.  The withdrawls from that aren’t agreeing with him and he hasn’t really slept in two nights.  That doesn’t bode well for driving and making it to the Carolinas today but we shall see.  The Benedryl that the Doctor said to use didn’t help much.  I probably should have given him some melatonin too, but now isn’t the time to have remembered that…

Squirrel is going to the doctor this morning to learn how to give herself methotrexate shots.  She’s looking forward to this with mixed emotions.  She wants to not puke any more all night on pill night but she is afraid of giving herself the shots.  I can totally relate.  I think I only actually gave myself the shots, what… a dozen or so times when Bear wasn’t around to help.  She’s not looking forward to Bear and I being gone for two weeks.  She’s going to miss us terribly, I know.

My list for the refrigerator door is almost done.  Vet number, garbage day, instructions for where to put the mail while we are gone… nothing that should be a surprise to anyone but still.  I will program in the light schedule for the automagic lights so that if no one is upstairs (or home) the house will be lived in.

Monkey Butt is taking all of this very much in stride.  Of course he is planning on putting all of the halloween inflatables in the dining room probably by dark tonight so there is that up side.

I have my list of ‘what people would like’ so I know what I can bring home for them.  Squirrel’s list isn’t very complicated.  Given that she loves Disney anyway… and Stitchy and Chip – n- Dale are totally her favorites, she will be easy to pick out for.  She wants the Pandora ‘buddha’ and I really hope I can get him for her and they aren’t sold out. That, and the rose gold Minnie ears… Monkey butt is even easier… Star Wars… anything Star Wars.

It will be good for Bear to relax a little.  He’s been worried about this trip… about not going… about being too sick… about what if he dies at Disney… about hurricane… about having to rent an ecv… what if… what if… what if… he worries a lot.  It’s what he does.

This will very much be a different kind of Disney trip for us in so many ways.  Entirely too much food.  Slowing down and taking Disney at a human (almost human) pace.  I’m thinking there might be several things I learn on this trip that I can pass along.  There really isn’t much information out there on “Doing Disney” with disabilities like ours.

I’m going to miss my household, though, IF.  With all of its craziness and mayhem, I’m going to miss it.  I’m going to miss my kids (human and furbabies), I’m going to miss my porch.  I’m going to miss home.  Life has been so chaotic and unsettled… I’m going to miss it.

Love and Light, IF
I will write more later.



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