Proof I can do the challenge

Today I decided that I needed to prove to myself that I could actually finish the challenge I set out to do.  Bear and I do 2 hours at the gym on Saturday and 2 hours at the gym on Sunday.  That allows me to do 6 miles on a treadmill on Saturday but it falls way way short of where I want/need to be on Sunday.  My last long run was only about 9 miles.

So I took the VERY circuitous route to the gym.  I left about 1.5 hours early and I headed out the way I found (thank you Google Pedometer) that would add 7 miles to my treadmill workout and allow me to try to get 13 miles today.

I am SUPPOSED to (probably) be in a taper to get ready for my race but I needed to do this for my head.

So I did.

I found a beautiful (if entirely too hilly) route that I would take again except for the fact that about half of it doesn’t have sidewalks but does have a pretty decent amount of stupid traffic.

It felt really good to be out in the spring morning… but now I am feeling muscles that have worked past where they are comfortable kind of complaining.

Love and light





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