Tips…for every day… RDBlog week day 2

The prompt for Tuesday is Tips… pretty much any tips.

The longer I live with this RA beastie, the more I realize that any tips and tricks I can amass, the better the days end up going.  I also realize that I’m probably one of the least authoritative people on the whole tips and tricks thing.  I know what seems to be working for me but I’m not entirely sure it will be working for anyone else.

After all, if you have met one person with RA, you have me ONE person with RA and we are all unique creatures.

I do know what works for me, most of the time, and I’m more than willing to talk about it.  We aren’t alone in this world… we all need to rely on each other.

Stay fit… This one has been a long time struggle for me.  It was longer than even my adventure with RA… at least longer than I was aware of having something wrong… When I lived in Amarillo… I walked around the back yard… then I walked around the elementary school… sometimes I walked with Bear around the housing area.  It was awesome to watch the prairie dogs (complete with Crystal, our dog barking and chasing them down the holes) and the horn toads.  I could walk but it took a lot out of me.  When I started trying to take myself a little more seriously, I could walk, but running… not so much… I walked three driveways… I jogged one…   When my RA went bat shit crazy in my body… I walked very slowly and was lucky if I could walk two blocks without sitting down… without wanting to throw up.  Every week I would add a little extra distance… every couple weeks I would add some extra jogging.

Cope with stress and Relax… Coping with stress… that’s easy… hot bath… music… to head off stress, I’ve discovered that endorphins are amazing.  I completely and totally enjoy running.  I can almost justify calling myself a runner.  I know that stress makes me exhausted.  I know that stress makes my body scream… I know that running helps keep me from curling up in the fetal position.  It keeps me from snarking off too terribly much to people who make snarky comments.

Tips for living life… take shortcuts when you need to take shortcuts.  Weight Watchers has taught me to try to take the time to prepare for the week… to take time to make time.  RA has taught me that I not only need to take time to make time, but you also need to be able to reserve your own energy.  Weight Watchers suggests you spend the time cutting up fruits and veggies for the week’s snacks and meals.  RA suggests that you buy precut fruits and veggies when you need to.  It suggest that you hire out hemming pants so you have enough energy to spend time with your family and not be comatose.

The biggest tip I can give… take time for yourself.  Take time for your family, for people and things that you love.  The most expensive currency you have is your time.  Spend it wisely…


Love and Light



2 responses to “Tips…for every day… RDBlog week day 2

  1. A wonderful tip April. Of course we all know self care is very important but seeing it in the tip list reminds me once more to take it seriously.

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  2. Spending your time wisely. It is so, so true. Something I think a lot of us don’t really do — the cult of being busy is so prevalent that the idea of taking time for yourself and your loved ones is something that can wait. And then every New Year’s, we make a resolution to incorporate it in our lives, only to break that resolution until the next year. But yes. Time. No one ever said on the deathbed that they wished they had spent more time in the office.

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