You Might Be An Asshole

You Might Be An Asshole

I live in a town where they pick up (think garbage truck with a HUGE vacuum hose) leaves every fall.  You are supposed to put your leaves in a pile on the tree lawn (the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street) for the giant vacuum to suck them up simply and easily.

The key phrase in that paragraph is on the tree lawn.

I get that a huge pile of leafies in front of your specailly wonderfulness house is less than attractive.  I get it, really I do.  I get it even more because we have a CRAP TON of leafies in front of our house multiple times for multiple sucking ups because we have a bunch of trees and our neighbors have a bunch of trees.  We also put up a crap ton of inflatables for Halloween and Christmas… in the front yard… so getting our leafies to our tree lawn has it’s own set of challenges.

But guess what… we put our leaves in a HUGE pile on our tree lawn and we suck it up princess because, well, that is what you do. 

Not everyone is willing to make their impeccably special house look like… well…  like they give a crap about the instructions.

THIS is where one house in our housing area decided they needed to pile their leaves.  They are IN THE MIDDLE of the sidewalk ramp that allows people to walk/rollator/buggy/wheelchair themselves up onto the sidewalk at the corner without having to drive up the street… you know… where the CARS go.

Now for me, this is an annoyance (can you tell that yet?) because I love someone who needs those ramps.  I run in the street, typically, because at 4:30 am there are very few cars out and about.  I might see three on my whole three mile run.  It’s part of why I run at 4:30 am.  It’s peaceful, I can train on the road like I will be racing on the road, and I’m tired of falling on the uneven (yes, you may also be an asshole) sidewalks (don’t look at me like that, Lowes sells cement that you can use to build up little ramps… fixing your sidewalk so someone doesn’t faceplant would cost you about $20).

This has been this way for over a month.  

YOU may be an asshole if you are making it impossible for someone with mobility issues to use the sidewalk. 

No may be about it.  You are one.

BUT you know what… 

This morning, I decided I might be an asshole too.  Because despite the fact that it soaked my shoes through and was difficult because the leafies were very very wet and very very heavy… I kicked a path through the leafies that were piled ON THE SIDEWALK.

So yeah, I might be an asshole too.  But you know what… you are a bigger one.  And more to the point, since the leaf suckers didn’t opt to pick these up from the WRONG PLACE, I’ am probably going to make sure that I widen the path onto the sidewalk so that people can use the sidewalk.  Don’t like it, don’t be an asshole. 

I might be an asshole too

And I might just report you to the police for obstructing the sidewalk.

bite me

Love and Light


One response to “You Might Be An Asshole

  1. My leaves look like fertilizer to me.


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