An A$$H0le lives here…

Checked in at my Ww studio this morning. Now that I’m lifetime I only “have” to check in and weigh once a calendar month. I haven’t missed a meeting yet. It’s good to be talking to new friends I’m making. It keeps me on track.

I weighed in this morning even though I already had for January and I’m up 2 pounds from January 1 but still only half a pound above goal. So I’m good.

Last weekend we got over a foot of snow. It’s cold. Bear has IPF and can’t shovel… can’t snowblow… can’t be out for any time in the “damn it’s cold” cold. I have asthma and RA. We are a household of less than optimal health.

Our driveway is clear. We don’t have a service to do it. Our sidewalks are clear. Again… no service doing it. My little herd bands together and gets it done.

I know there are people in our housing area who are physically unable to do what we do… did. I know there are SOME people who can’t. I also know there are some people who are flat out ass holes and just don’t.

I run at o-dark-thirty in the morning.

I get that some people wait until the snow is over for the current storm to clear snow.

And I know there are some who figure… screw it… the sun will come out eventually and I’m not busting my butt to clean the SIDEWALKS… the driveway is plenary for me.

This morning… 7 days and a 40 degree rainy day later there are still sidewalks in our housing area with deeper than ankle deep snot (and now underneath is a sheet of ice) on the sidewalks in front of their house. You, my spiffy neighbors may be an ass hole.

If I saw you snow blowing your driveway and your walks aren’t cleared, you ARE an asshole. If I see you out building snowmen or skiing around your yard with a clean driveway and ankle deep sidewalks, you are likewise one.

You tell me I shouldn’t run on the roads because it’s too too dangerous and yet you create a hazard on your property on the sidewalks.


This morning at my WW meeting, the leader (who now beeps the horn at me when she sees me out walking very fast) stopped me and she mentioned the same thing… she was out in her neighborhood with her walking poles, walking and in her head calling people who don’t bother with their walks assholes.

“An asshole lives there”…”an asshole lives there”…

it made me smile…

Don’t be an asshole

Love and light




One response to “An A$$H0le lives here…

  1. Hey congratulations on getting to lifetime.


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