Running With Dogs

I’ve been struggling. I have been really really struggling lately. I’ve been struggling with health… physical health… mental health… struggling…

I have a race in just over a week. I have not been training. I have not really (up until this week) really been for a morning run since we got back from Disney. And my weight (to a small degree) as well as the way I feel have been reflecting the fact that my Give A Damn button has not been working so well. I will finish but I’m not going to PR. That’s a given.

This week, I have refocussed myself. And I have started to teach Goofy (not Roxy yet… yes, we have new dog… Roxy… Roxane from Goofy Movie) that mornings are fun time run time. Twice this week we have gone for a twoish mile run. Now, when he sees his harness (any harness) he sits down and looks at me with excitement.

Roxy’s harness is coming today from Amazon. His is teal. Hers is plum.

Tuesday we had kind of an iffy run. It started out okay. It was good until we got to near one of the bigger roads not in the housing areal. We stayed in the housing area but a car drove past on the bigger road and Goofy (dead run) walked in front of me, stopped, and looked back at the no longer there car. I took a huge header over Goofy. I slammed my post surgery right elbow into the blacktop. … elbow… hip… knee… it was epically awful.

Yesterday was a pretty good run.

Okay, I’m still feeding him treats at the ding-ding that signals stop running and start walking.

But it was a great run.

I’m trying to gage how long my run should be for Goofy. I’m never sure if we are running too far or not. But we are starting to really learn to read each other. I know that he loves to run in the treelawn with his tongue to the grass licking up the dew. I know when he starts to pull a little that it’s time to poop.

Pooping really cuts into my per mile minute time, but poop happens.

And I feel so much better the last couple days.

Love and Light


2 responses to “Running With Dogs

  1. blooming bliss

    sending you love and strength ❤ My runs never can last too long with my doggy because I have a boston terrier and she gets worn out fast plus hard to catch her breath with her squished in face lol 🙂

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