Walking Dogs at 0-dark-thirty in the morning

My dogs seem to enjoy going for walkies. They enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately, the last several days have been either dumping down rain or 92+ degrees in the later afternoon when we usually go for a walk, after I get home from work. I enjoy running in the mornings, unfortunately, in order to run in the mornings and get everything else done that suddenly needs to be done, I have to get up at like 2:30 pr 3:00 and there are just days when that does not quite work out.

My solution… convince the dogs (a little earlier than usual) that walkies in the morning is the thing to do. On the plus side, they have been having issues with getting the job done as close to home as they were, so walkies is almost a necessity. Come cooler weather, I will start back running with Goofy in the mornings, but he really really doesn’t do well in the heat and humidity and the mornings have been being really humid.

But walkies has been being very good.

This morning I realized that I’ve been enjoying it almost as much as they have.

The new Lola Limited collars have been helping a lot with pulling and listening. I figured it couldn’t hurt (even if they were obscenely expensive for a dog collar) to try them. I was having trouble getting them to walk together without rough housing even with the no pull harnesses. They stopped pulling as hard when we saw other dogs or squirrels (or birds… or leaves) but they still would get in a mood to play and that knocked me down more than once. Tangled leashes are just difficult. But with the Lola Limited collars, the pressure on the sides of their neck remind them that they are supposed to listen and walkies are walkies. I still run with the no pull harnesses because they work incredibly well one dog at a time.

We have been using the new collars in the mornings for our morning constitutional. The dogs know to hold still while I put the martingale collars over their heads. They actually look forward to that. Weird. They head straight for the door.

We have been putting in over a mile every morning (almost two) just going out and walking to they both poop. This morning I watched the moon hang low in the eastern sky. I listened to the hawks come awake. I really felt (okay, this wasn’t a stretch) the heavy humidity in the air. I was really mindfully walking my walking buddies.

I’ve discovered how amazing it is to just take the time to walk with the dogs. It takes longer than a nice run, but in the horrible humidity it is better than a run, anyway. And I get to watch Goofy run his tongue over the dew laden grass, grabbing a quick drink on the go.

Love and Light

One response to “Walking Dogs at 0-dark-thirty in the morning

  1. Rick Phillips

    Dogs walk, cats stalk, and the kids need to tend to both.
    Thoughts of an old man. With no children at home anymore. 🙂


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