Yes, Three Dogs

Dogs are like potato chips… you can’t have just one? Not exactly but still… eh… we have had just one and it was perfect at the time. My heart aches that she isn’t still here corporeally. Yes, she is here. I feel her. I talk to her. I wear my necklace with some of her ashes every day. She was my bestest friend. I will never stop feeling that I let her down by not being able to be there when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My heart hearts.

Goofy is my running buddy (even when I don’t run in the horrible humid mornings). Roxy, ditto but she is slower. They are great at longer and quicker and I know that soon I will again be back to needing them to run with me. I love my puppy doodles. I’m proud that we have started to finally adopt not shop. I love our SPCA. Their location isn’t the shiniest and glitziest but the people are good and the dogs are well cared for and a lot of dogs move through.

Bear went mall walking and wandered in to the pet store just over a week ago. He said he never realized he really loved bulldogs until he saw the well used bitch rescue in the somewhat sketchy (kind of impolite workers too) pet store. When we went searching the following Sunday to see if somehow Karma would have placed an English bulldog in our path. Not only was he in our path, he was put in our SPCA rescue shelter. He wasn’t 4 years old (true 2 but not 4) but he also wasn’t $600. He was painfully thin. He looked so sad. He also couldn’t come home on Sunday… he had been adopted and returned and couldn’t go anywhere else until he passed another vet consult. SPCA is first come first serve. Again… Karma would have to be with us to be the first on Monday morning to get him. Karma was with us the whole way. Mr Wiggle Butt (Max… Baymax) came home with us.

Yes, that makes three dogs.

Yes, I get it.

Yes, I know that this doesn’t actually meet with the approval of many people…

Yes, I know I really really really really really could not care less how much people don’t care.

if i take care of my property, and all animals, and my family, and if i don’t let my herd run rampant, i clean the dinkles, and everyone is licensed, you can not approve, that is your prerogative… but you can not give me shit just because your sensibilities are offended. Do not get your nickers in a twist. It is not my job to make you feel all warm and fuzzy any more than it is your job to make me feel that way.

Love and Light


2 responses to “Yes, Three Dogs

  1. That is so awesome!!! I have 4 dogs. 3 are rescues. Nothing wrong with having multiple animals as long as you care for them properly and give them lots of love and attention.
    Congrats on ur new baby!! He’s so cute!!


  2. Rick Phillips

    The dogs are amazing. We all know a great dog is the best. I miss our little Samantha and Addie.


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