Finding the right doctor.

Stress can really make you hurt a lot. It can trigger a low level (or more) flare that just makes you feel like crap.

Bear has been not feeling great recently and he’s pushing way way too hard and I worry. I worry and I’m scared.

Wednesday was infusion day… so I’ve been feeling squishy, swelly and crappy.

And starting on Monday Goofy (our first rescue dog) has been being really sick. First he started vomiting all over everywhere. Monday… Monday morning there was a spot in the hallway. Several times over the morning and early afternoon he heaved and heaved. He worried me.

I called our vet. They were booked solid. I MIGHT be able to get him in if I came to walk in Tuesday between 11 and 12:15 or 4 and 5:15 and maybe I could get him seen then. He was lethargic. He wasn’t eating. He wasn’t drinking… He was puking. I called another vet (already closed)… and another… open. Could I have him there in about 30 minutes? Wow.

So I took him in. He got x-rays and subcutaneous fluids and anti-nausea medicine. We went home with instructions to call Tuesday if he still wasn’t eating or drinking.

He wasn’t. He ate a can of the special prescription dog food after the subcutaneous fluids. It’s Thursday. He hasn’t eaten anything since.

Tuesday night we went back to the vets. Same office. Different doctor. She felt Goofy’s tummy. She took blood. She fussed. She gave me her cell number and sent me to the emergency vet hospital not far away. She told me what to ask for. She had me take pictures of the x-rays they took on Monday so they could look. She made me swear that I wouldn’t let them take my dog but to give me their diagnosis and call her with their verdict. As soon as I got hold of her, she told me to pay and leave, bring Goofy to their clinic to get pain meds, another set of subcutaneous fluids and make the appointment to have surgery on Wednesday.

They have been calling me every few hours.

They called me after we dropped Goofy to let me know that he was feeling relaxed. They called me before surgery. They called me after surgery. They keep calling me to make sure he’s okay. They care.

I have the doctor’s cell phone number. I’m supposed to call over the holiday weekend.

We have a new vet.

And Goofy is starting to drink again. Not a lot… just a little… but drinking.

And this morning he ate half a “jar” of Gerber chicken baby food.

Love and Light
August 30 2019

One response to “Finding the right doctor.

  1. I so hope he is OK. Any pup who sleeps like that and looks like that is well worth the effort for certain.


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