There comes a time when everyone stops believing in something… or some things. There are things in which you just have to believe, no matter what.

We went to Columbus Zoo to see their WildLights. It’s a thing we have been doing for several years. They have wonderful music, beautiful lights… it’s a special way to kick off the holiday season.

Every year I buy their holiday coffee cup and get unlimited coffee (or coco) all night. I end up drinking more of the Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee than the cup costs so it’s actually a win win for me.

Yeah, I know. I totally don’t need another coffee cup… but I also know that coffee cups, for me, are a “thing” and everyone I own is a treasure for its own reason. If you know me, you know that any coffee cup that comes my way as a gift or that is adopted from wherever will be held in the most highest regard and will be forever special. Yeah. I’m weird.

This year, at WildLights, the four of us went (it’s the first time MonkeyButt has ever gone with us) and it was a precious night.

Bear didn’t do so great with the cold, even with his scooter. He had on his long johns and coat and Minnesota earflap hat and heavy glovies and he still was cold and the cold kicks his butt more and more. But he was determined “not to ruin the night” for everyone. I worry. I really worry. But he’s stubborn. And he didn’t use his oxygen (his numbers stayed above 95 all night so… eh… ) because his mask and his canula don’t work so well together. I think I have to dink around with how to make them work better together.

What we did do, though, was to get our pictures taken with Santa. All four of us. AND we bought the digital pictures. Over Priced? Heck yeah. Worth every penny? Yep. Every single cent. The pictures are treasured.

Squirrel doesn’t really like to have her picture taken with Santa. I know, right? Squirrel loves to have her picture taken period and she isn’t thrilled with being caught with Santa. She’s 25, I get it.

This year, she had a heart to heart with Santa. I got pictures. The photographer got pictures. They are precious to me. I know what her wish was for Christmas to Santa. I don’t know what all was said, but I do know that Santa told her to never ever stop believing in miracles. He believes in miracles and she should too.

Santa wore his WildLights suit to the event. His coat is stunning. His work clothes for the event are really nice. He was a very dapper sight this year.

Squirrel doesn’t LIKE hearing bells of any kind. But Squirrel hears the bells. I hear the bells always.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in anything. Sometimes the world feels so heavy and tries hard to squeeze all of the believe out of you. It’s important to remember that, no matter what, something have to be believed to be seen… and sometimes believing is really all we have.

Never stop believing in miracles.

Love and Light


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