Corona Virus, Paranoia, and hand sanitizer

So…. The corona virus is a thing. And people, suddenly, have started taking notice of being careful (sometimes overly careful) of germs… of noticing the things that I have had to notice for years. And many of them are also over reacting.

And I’ve started to be even a little more cautious than I had been being anyway. I have been doing the use your knuckle or elbow on the elevator thing. I rarely if ever open doors with my hands. I sing happy birthday twice in my head when I wash my hands. And I use hand sanitizer. Not HOLY CRAP amounts, but there are times when I use it because it is prudent.

Yesterday, because I suddenly got overly scared, I sent Monkey Butt out to see if he could find hand sanitizer. There is none to be had in Strongsville. None. Not at Giant Eagle. None at Walmart or Target. None at Marcs or the dollar store. None.

It is the winter of not having to stock up on bread and milk and toilet paper (not a big snow yet this year), it is the winter of there being a huge rush on hand sanitizer.

But I went online (go figure, right?) and I found where you can do it yourself hand sanitizer. So, while he was out, I had him look for alcohol and aloe. I was anticipating aloe gel (the stuff you see/get in the summer in the sun screen isle… vitamin e and aloe gel). What he found, and brought home, was a gallon of aloe vera. Liquid aloe. 100% aloe in liquid form. Interesting. He also, finally, found alcohol (most places were out of that as well… ) and brought home $9 worth of stuff.

I have had tea tree oil.

I don’t have lavender essential oil… and that kind of makes me sad panda because it would make it even better… but I made do with what I have. And since it is all liquid, I put it in an alcohol spray bottle that I already had… mixed it up… shook it real well… and decided to give it a try…. it’s awesome.

I used 1 part 91% isopropyl alcohol, 2 parts liquid aloe, and 20 drops of tea tree oil (essential oil).

It smells pretty good

It is strong enough alcohol to kill whatever needs killing when soap and water are not around.

And it has an amazing side effect that commercial hand sanitizer doesn’t seem to have no matter what kind I get… it leaves my hands not dry but soft… like I just used lotion.

Now, I just need to find some bottles I can put it in in my purse and backpack to carry with me (the squirty bottle is too big) and I will be a very very happy panda.

Now that I figured out how to mix this up on my own, I can always have some made up and not have to worry so much about, necessarily, touching things. I will still worry… yay imunocompromised… but I will have a less harsh way of dealing with worrying after touching money or buttons or the table at any restaurant.

Love and Light
April Joy


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