The End Is Finally In Sight

It’s Monday. I have coffee (yay) and quiet (also way yay). The dogs are being giant butts but they are happy and having fun so also a yay.

I have been working on Bathroom Remodels since the beginning of the year. Somehow that feels way longer than the calendar suggests it should. It started with a walk in tub purchase (which is way more expensive than I ever dreamed it would be) and ended with ripping out three bathrooms and replacing everything but the floors.

New paint (Yay no white and yay no fugly wallpaper) was the first step. New toilets. Then, even though we were totally not going to do it, new vanity and sinks and medicine cabinets, towel racks and toilet paper holders.

The last vanity was delivered on Saturday. It weighs 380 pounds. Over half of that is the sliverstone top. 6 feet long. It’s massive. It’s also solid wood, so it is going to hold up well. And the finish is called driftwood. How could I go wrong with driftwood?

We got the neighbor guy to help carry the vanity and top upstairs. I was so happy to enlist his help because I really didn’t want to see any of us hurt in the process. And no one was hurt in the process, which is good.

Yesterday we finished 90% of the plumbing (new shutoff valves), put the vanity in place (it was kind of manhandling it but it worked) and wedged the top on. It turns out that the walls aren’t square in the bathroom (probably not anywhere but I KNOW in the big bathroom) and I had to dig out about 1/8 inch on either side of the vanity so that the top would fit. It was a good bit of brute force getting it into the spot and I don’t know how someone will ever get it out if it ever needs to be removed, but it is in and it looks nice. There is still a good bit of finish work that needs to be done, but another couple days of concerted effort will get us there. Then I can start on what I was planning on doing in January (spring cleaning).

Yesterday, when we slid the cabinet into the bathroom, I realized that I needed to remove a little bit more of the back to allow the plumbing to slide through. I couldn’t get behind the vanity at that point, it was too close the wall. So I climbed into the space under where the sink will go and cut from the inside out.

I fit in the hole where the sink will go. I crawled in and sat cross legged and finished cutting the hole. Two years ago I would not have been able to get into that space let alone sit long enough to cut out the hole.

Putting the vanity and top in place meant that I now have a good bit of patching small holes and painting the places where we have had to patch, where the bathtub meant alterations and where I’ve had to patch places but all things considered it went way way better than I anticipated.

There has been a lot of pride of accomplishment that went along with this adventure. I learned that I can do a lot more than I thought I could. I learned that the few days leading up to infusion day (today) my hands don’t work so well and it is incredibly frustrating. I learned that, when you start something like a bathroom there tends to be as much scope creep as there is in projects at work. I learned that Alexa dots are good companions when you’re shut up in a small space all alone and that physical labor (and later physical exhaustion) can keep your mind from dwelling too much on too much. And I learned that stubborn can overcome a lot of frustration.

I’m not where I want to be (still/again) weight wise, but infusion will help with some of that and plodding determination will help with more of it.

I’m SO looking forward to my infusion, today. My hands are not working right, they are screaming, and I’m well past realizing that I need my infusion.

So… I guess I will leave you with this parting thought…

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.
~Henry Ford

Love and Light


One response to “The End Is Finally In Sight

  1. April, I thought for a second you were painting the inside of the vanity. I am glad I see it got a counter top and pushed against the wall. I feel better now. 🙂


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