Getting my proverbial crap together

It’s been a bad… oh hell… a bad whatever… week/month/year/several-years…

Saturday was no exception to the crap that has been going on. I put a load of denim in the washer and set it off on its merry way… it wasn’t a particularly heavy load. It was a couple denim jackets and a couple hoodies. Imagine my… head exploding… when I saw the LE on the display and soap all over the jackets.

Dr Google was not a whole lot of help. It gave me possible solutions.. that I tried… several times…. to no avail. The washer is currently not functional. That goes right along with the fact that the dishwasher hasn’t been functional in a few months. I’m so over whatever it is that I did to make Karma this pissed.

I tried to do a load of wash in the big giant sink in the basement. I got a load done but it made my RA pissed and my hands chapped and made me frustrated. Spent a great deal of Saturday crying.

Sunday (yesterday) I woke up and realized that there is a laundromat – coin laundry – washateria – two miles away. I didn’t have the money to dedicate to going but I SURE don’t have the money to get the washer (or dishwasher) fixed. Squirrel and I loaded up the truck with laundry and headed out. I realized that it is not a horrible thing to have to leave your house and travel the couple miles to spend time away from everything washing clothes. The clean clothes smell in the laundromat was welcome. The humid warm was VERY welcome (particularly after it started snowing). Being able to just NOT do anything but be in the moment for that time was also very welcome.

I’ve decided that I will do some of the laundry as it gets dirty (my leggings… technical shirts… underwear) because it isn’t heavy, doesn’t hurt, and dries pretty quickly. Once a week (at least for now) we will make a pilgrimage to the laundromat and I can take the time to quietly do the laundry. I think I will be able to ‘just’ just the 5 load washer and the big heavy duty drier and get off a little cheaper. Especially if I ‘only’ take jeans and towels and heavy things that take time to dry and that are hard to squeeze the water out of.

I still don’t know what I did to piss Karma off this much…

but I think I’m starting to come to terms with rolling with it.

Love and Light


3 responses to “Getting my proverbial crap together

  1. So sorry to hear of your troubles. We don’t realize how much we need our washer and dryer and dishwasher until they poop out on us. Been there plenty of times. But it’s also true that being held captive in a laundromat is also not a bad thing. You can sit and do nothing or just read while you wait. Permission to do nothing is pretty awesome. Hope things settle down for you soon.

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  2. One of the great advancements in the history of the world is the washer/dryer. Maybe the microwave is as good? Naw, washer/dryer combo for certain. I am glad you got things under control. Many future blessings. and may the world bestow a perfect wash in your own home, soon.


  3. @Irma, giving myself that permission is a blessing. It is a blessing I really need once in a while and I don’t always give myself.

    @Rick… Microwave is nearly as good. Not quite, but close.


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